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Spotlight on author M.J. Schiller, interview and Giveaway!!

I am stoked about interviewing this author. I was honored to have to pleasure of getting to know Romance Author M.J. Schiller a little bit better.
She is super sweet and her books are fantastic.
Here is our interview.....

KK Reviews:  How long have you been writing?
M.J. Schiller: Since I could hold a pen. I’ve always been a storyteller. Whether that was playing Charlie’s Angels or Battlestar Gallactica in the front yard with my little sister, or writing a “book” on hotel stationary with Mary Ellen Murphy, who lived up the block. “The Black Cat,” (original, I know!) was hole-punched and bound with white yarn bows. It never hit the best seller list, but I think they discriminated against us because we were in second grade.

KK Reviews: What inspired you to write love stories with Rock Stars?
M.J. Schiller: Well that’s easy, my love for rock stars.

I’m a nurturer.  I couldn’t go into nursing, because I don’t like blood. My little sister and I wanted to open a pet store, but we both ended up in teaching. After I had kids though, I ended up on the other side of the cafeteria counter, as a lunch lady. Been there for eleven years now.

So the nurturer in me sees those angsty rock stars and just wants to make it all better. And their sex appeal doesn’t hurt one bit either!

KK Reviews: What authors do you look up to?
M.J. Schiller: Oh, there’s so many! I love G.P. Ching, R.T. Wolfe, Kristin Hannah, and, of course, Nora Roberts. That almost goes without saying!

KK Reviews: What character do you relate to the most? The Least?
M.J. Schiller: I relate to characters that have been hurt before. I have trouble identifying with the Extreme Alpha Male. He just seems like a jerk to me!

KK Reviews: What real life rock stars inspired your characters?
M.J. Schiller: Chad Kroeger and a lot of the music from Nickelback inspired TRAPPED UNDER ICE. I’m not sure where Chase Hatton came from…
KK Reviews: I love both your main characters, Chad Evans from Trapped Under Ice and Chase Hatton from Abandon All Hope. If you had to choose between the two, who would it be and why?
M.J. Schiller: I gotta say Chad. He’s the more broken of the two and therefore the more appealing to me.

KK Reviews: Who would be your dream cast if these books were turned into a T.V series or movie?
M.J. Schiller: Trapped Under Ice: Chad & Beth – Josh Holloway (Sawyer from “Lost”) & Charlize Theron

Abandon All Hope: Chase & Hope- Maybe Jared Padelecki (from Supernatural) &Mischa Barton

KK Reviews: Who is your favorite supporting character?
M.J. Schiller: I love Roger, Chad’s best friend from TRAPPED. He’s cute, irreverent, fun.

Hal, Chase’s manager, from ABANDON. I love the way Chase teases him and the fatherly way Hal looks over Chase.

KK Reviews: How do you go about writing your love scenes?
M.J. Schiller: First I make sure my four kids aren’t around. Then…ugh…I guess I just fantasize about how it would be with those two characters. Then I smoke a cigarette. Just kidding! I’m not a smoker.

KK Reviews: How many more books do you plan for the Rocking Romance Series?
M.J. Schiller: Let’s see…I have at least two more.

Thank you so much for having me today! I had fun!

KK Reviews: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! So very much appreciated!

Here is my 4 Star review for Abandon All Hope

There is nothing stronger than a childhood friendship that becomes so much more but what hurts the most, is when it all falls apart. 

We all know young love has its ups and downs. We also know that those who we sometimes call our friends can become our worst enemies.

Chase Hatton has had a thing for Hope Creswell. Things between them had always been easy. They became instant friends and as they grew older things between them grew into so much more than friendship. It was a once in a lifetime love. Then on prom night, while helping a friend, Hope leaves crushing his heart. She is never seen or heard from until now.

Hope Creswell had found her one and only in Chase. It was just her and her mother. Chase’s family made them feel welcomed. She and Chase had an instant connection. She knew he was the one the moment they met. Their friendship turned into something more, a once in a lifetime love. Then Chase crushed her heart on prom night. Now heartbroken and alone when she makes it home, she is dealt another blow when her mother informs her they are moving at that very second. 

Years later, Hope has the job of her dreams. She is a writer/photographer for a newspaper and she has just landed her biggest interview. Little did she know that the person she would be interviewing was the one and only rockstar... Chase Hatton. *insert heartache and nerves* Little does she know that Chase has been trying to forget her for the past eight years. Hope tries to convince herself that she is over Chase, he is the one who broke her heart and not the other way around, besides, she has her boyfriend Phillip after all but the thing is, he doesn’t own her heart...

When Chase gets ready to do his interview he is shocked to see that Hope is the one conducting his interview. He does his best to keep his distance. She did after all crush his heart into a million pieces and left him without a goodbye.

They both do their best to stay away from each other but their feelings for each other are impossible to ignore. When the lines of their newly found friendship begins to blur, and the truth of what happened that night finally surfaces, will they risk it all or will they find heart ache for a second time?

Chase is such a great character. He is good looking, determined and sweet. He has such a good heart but protects it well. After Hope, he put 100% into his music. Songs about heart ache always seem to make the best music. 

Hope is beautiful without knowing it. She is smart and kind. After Chase, she keeps her heart guarded. 

When they re-connect you can’t help but be excited for them. 

This is a fantastic story about true love found, lost and found again. Of course there are some bumps in the road, heartache and angst but that is what makes a great love story.. I found myself irritated with both characters for being so stubborn and for also just walking away from such a great love without an explanation or questions, but then I remind myself that that is what happens when you are young and head over heels in love. 

The second time around Chase is smart and isn’t giving up without a fight. 

M.J. Schiller did a fantastic job in creating these characters. I look forward to meeting more characters in her Rocking Romance Series.. First there was the damaged but sexy protective Chad Evans and now Chase Hatton. 

M.J. Schiller has another winner on her hands.

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