Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top 2013 Reads and a Special Thanks to some AWESOME people!

My 2013  Most KaptivatingBooks
There are soooo many great books out there. It was super hard to pick and choose. The following books have been my favorite of 2013. I probably missed a few and I apologize. Here are the ones the really touched me or stuck with me in more than one way. Thank you to all of the authors who create these fantastic characters and worlds that let me escape reality for a little while.

These past two years have been a huge emotional roller coaster for me. Those that know me, know that my family has suffered loss after loss. Some say God only gives you what you can handle so God must think I am pretty bad ass. I have battled and continue to battle some personal demons.

2013 has been a great year for me. I went back to work part time after being a stay at home mom for the past 8 years. I continue to volunteer some time at my children’s school and I am on the PTSA board.  Last year I was invited to be a part of another blog. I was with these ladies for almost a year and we have since parted ways. In September this year I decided to launch my own blog and Kristie’s Kaptivating Reviews was born.

I have some fabulous people I need to thank
Allison East- Thank you for creating such a fabulous group for us to discuss our favorite books, without this group, I would have never met such a bunch of wonderful ladies . I am so honored and blessed to have become friends with them as well!
Sandie – My fellow blogger and friend. I love talking to you about anything and everything. I was honored to have met you in Vegas this year.
Heather Carver- I love you doll! You are the sweetest person I know
Janeah- I look forward to the day we finally get to meet. I cherish the friendship we have developed over the past year and I enjoy our conversations
Lesley- I.LOVE.YOU!!! Geronimo!!! I look forward to meeting you one day!
Kristen- My Every Avenue and hockey lover! You are so sweet, I enjoy our twitter convo’s
Cara- My fellow Baby Girl. SO glad I finally got to meet you this year! You are one in a million!
Amy- Thank you for always being there for me and letting me vent. It means the world to me
Jennifer G- I ADORE YOU and I cannot wait to see you again
Samantha: I hope one day we can finally meet. I miss our group convo’s and fun pictures we used to share...
Mr. Fred – You are the kindest and sweetest man and fellow book lover. So honored to know you and hope that one day we will meet! You are will always be my Fantastic Fred!


Jenn Sterling- I fucking love you. I had such a great time helping you out at some of the signings. Thanks for your advice and for your support. Thank you for Jack F’N Carter. I can't tell youhanks for letting me help out a little behind the scenes.  I look forward to more fun times

Katie Ashley: My pops says Hello, young lady! You are my Georgia Peach. I had fun in LA with you , Raine and R.K. I know GREAT things are coming your way. I will never be able to thank you enough for your kinds words after I lost my mother. You are an angle, a real life angle. Thank you for helping me to see the light when I was going through such a dark time. #SparklingSoup4ever!

Carlie Sexton: Words cannot express how much you have helped me out. It has been such a pleasure working with you and brainstorming with you. I am so happy that we have become friends and I look forward to seeing you in March. THANK YOU!!

Christa Cervone: I look forward to the day we finally meet. It has been such a pleasure working with you. I can’t thank you enough for supporting my blog. You are awesome! Love you doll!

Christine Brae-
You are by far one of the most kind hearted and sweetest person I know. I ADORE you and it has been so much fun working with you!

Shanora Williams:
I am so proud of what you have accomplished and what you will continue to accomplish! It has been so much fun working with you. Thank you so much for your support.

R.K. Lilley-
You make me smile. I had a wonderful time in LA with you and had a great time in Vegas. Thanks for all of your support as well.

Michelle Leighton:
I can’t even thank you enough for all of your support. You are so talented and I am so honored to have worked with you on a few of your books when it comes to promoting them.

Samantha Young:
You have always been kind and always willing when it comes to your books. Thank you for your support!
Thank you for some of the arc’s.  Your stories truly blow me away.

KJ Bell: So glad to have met you and so blessed to have worked and continue to work with you. You are wonderful! Thanks for everything!

A.M Hargrove: I can't wait to hug you hard! I adore working with you and I look forward to doing it again. You are one of the kindest and funniest ladies I know. I love you sweets! Your support means the world to me.

Anne Elliot- Thank you for believing in me and for all of your help! I wouldn't be where I am without your guidance. 

Fellow Bloggers:

The Rock stars of Romance:
I had a blast with you ladies in Vegas! Your support has meant the world to me. THANK YOU and miss you

Holly: YOU ROCK!! Seriously girl, I adore you. Thank you for being so helpful and supportive. It was such a pleasure to meet you this year

Book Boyfriend Reviews:
You ladies are the best! Thank you for everything and for your support!

Carver’s Book Cravings:
Love you and Thank you. Such blessed to have you in my life!

Last but not least to my friends old and new and especially my family
Thank you for all of your support, for believing in me and for being my rock when I needed to break. Words cannot express how truly blessed I am to have all of you.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2014!!!