Sunday, September 22, 2013

Redesigned cover for Chasing Nikki by Lacey Weatherford

 Look at this beautiful redesigned cover for Chasing Nikki. 

Here is my 5 Star review:

“So stop looking at the past and all the things you can’t change. They’re done and over with. Now is the time for you to look to the future, grasp it by the hand, and decide where you want to go. I told you once before, and I’ll say it again—this is your life, Chase. Only you can decide what it’s going to be like. Don’t let outside forces dictate it for you.” 
This book hit home for me, The past two years I have dealt with what most people deal with in a lifetime! Lacey Weatherford did such an amazing job with the story and her characters. So many lessons to be learned, the struggles, learning to deal with the past to make a better future.
Chase, he comes off as your typical football player with attitude. Thinks he is the best, no cares in the world doesn't really have to work for girls. Underneath that cocky exterior, you realize that there is more to him than meets the eye.

 “But what was the point of trying to be something else when everyone already had a preconceived notion of what you were.”

Nikki has been burned in the past and doesn't trust guys, especially football players. She is a good girl. She is beautiful and smart and stands up for what she believes in. She has caught Chase's attention.

 “I wasn’t asking you to be my white knight or anything. I just needed to tell someone. Have you ever had something you wish you could talk to someone about, but it’s buried so deep you’re almost afraid to give it a voice?" 

What starts off as a rocky friendship developed into so much more. Nikki learns to trust and Chase learns what it is truly like to love someone. Together they find a young love, an innocent love. Just when they have found that happiness, the unthinkable happens. 

Chase has struggled so much and when life throws him another doozey. Will he have the strength to overcome it or will he be buried for good?

This book had me BAWLING! It was a good cry, sob, fountain of tears and sooooo very worth it. I know all to well that bad things happen to good people, life happen. The one thing we learn is that no matter how bad it hurts, you just have to keep going.

Kudos to Lacey Weatherford for writing such a beautiful and touching story... Thank you!!!

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