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My 4 Star review for United Service by author Regina Morris

My 4 Star Review

Most of the vampires live quietly among us. They could be a neighbor, a teacher or even your best friend. There a few vampires who want power and control.  The Colony is an elite group of vampires sworn to protect the President of the United States from rogue vampires. The vampires are able to change their appearance based on how much blood they consume so they are able to fit in.  When their “human appearance has reached its limits, they fake their death and start over again.

Sterling, is a half breed vampire who works with a team of vampires to protect the President of the United States. He is also considered the weakest because of his human DNA. He may not be a full bred nor is he the strongest but his unique ability to get information from inanimate objects makes him a valued asset. He spends most of his time at the FBI headquarters in the evidence room. His most recent case involves the kidnapping of vampire children. A religious cult is behind the kidnappings and the murders.

When he meets Kate, the nanny of one of the missing children, he can’t help his feelings for her. She literally turns his world upside down. She is everything he could hope for in a mate and because of his half breed status, he wonders if she would ever consider being with him, let alone loving him.
Kate is insanely smart, beautiful and extremely clumsy. She has also led a very sheltered life and is considered handicap even by vampire standards.  

Sterling and Kate both have secrets. They are also very attracted to each other. The question is will they be able to trust each other enough to follow their hearts and will they be able to save the children?

I was so excited to read this. I fell in love with Sterling in book one titled Eternal Service (this was about Sterling’s father, Raymond).

You can’t help but fall in love with Sterling and his playboy ways. When you learn why he is the way he is, your heart just breaks for him. Insert that saying here *Never judge a book by its cover* well that is Sterling. Completely judged and misunderstood.

Kate is such a funny, determined and clumsy character. I liked her from the get go. She is naïve but at the same time so smart. She and Sterling have great chemistry together *fanning self*

Regina Morris has another hit on her hands. I love the uniqueness her Colony series brings to the world of vampires. There are so many vampire stories out there but the concept behind this series is so different from any others out there it is a breath of fresh air. 

If you are looking for a fun and easy read with suspense, some steamy romance and a little bit of heartache, look no further. A job well done!

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