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Undefeated by Scott Hildreth.... My Kaptivating Review


WARNING: This book contains scenes of abuse. They are descriptive, heartbreaking, and may cause you to feel certain emotions. If you're incapable of reading about a woman that recovers from an abusive relationship, don't read this book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Kace Meadows lives in Austin, Texas. Now 26, she has been in an abusive relationship since she was sixteen years old. As abusive as it is, she can’t seem to find a way to allow herself to end it. With her abusive boyfriend, she can’t seem to win.

Shane Dekkar is an unknown, undefeated, and somewhat shy boxer from Compton California. After the death of his grandfather, he moves to Austin and meets Kace by happenstance as she and her boyfriend are in an argument in public. He is drawn to her, and she to him.

When he meets her again two years later, he begins to believe in fate. But, as he prepares for a potential shot at a championship fight, there’s not time in his life or career for a woman.

Shane fights his inner demons by using his fists. On the street or in the ring, Shane does what he does best, he wins at any cost. Unlike Kace, Shane can’t seem to lose.

Undefeated is an extremely romantic erotica novel about fighting. Fighting for what you believe in. Fighting for life. Fighting to live.

And fighting to find love in the most unlikely places.

Be prepared to be moved, touched, stand up and cheer, and cry your eyes out. This book will, without a doubt, knock you unconscious.

CAUTION: Graphic sexual content. This book contains fighting scenes that are descriptive. Additionally, it contains graphic scenes of street fighting that may be perceived as unnecessarily violent. Lastly, the abuse scenes in this book are descriptive, realistic, and emotional. 

My Kaptivating Review

“If something or someone is presented to us once, we will often dismiss it as being nothing more than happenstance. If that person or situation is presented twice, it is God slapping us in the face and telling us to pay attention. It is fate.”
Since she was sixteen years old,  Kace knew that love hurt, literally. Like most relationships, her boyfriend showed her nothing but affection, the affection turned into hurt and isolation and fear. Now at twenty six years old, Kace is realizing that this isn’t love nor a healthy relationship. No matter what she does it is never right. Knowing what is happening to her is wrong but fearing the unknown of leaving, she lies to herself and tells herself that things will be better today. One day a horrible argument with her boyfriend has her meeting an unlikely hero.
“I’m coming for your heart, Kace,”
Shane Dekkar is a cocky but modest unknown fighter. Growing up in Compton, California, he knows what it takes to be tough and street smart and how to fight. He fights his inner demons by fighting in the ring and he has never lost a fight, EVER. After losing his grandfather he moves to Austin where he meets Kace. He witness’s an argument between her and her boyfriend. When he tried to intervene, they play it off as a little disagreement. Shane knows there is more to it, he sees the pain and fear in her eyes and watches as they drive away. There is something about her and he can’t get her out of his head.
They say things happen for a reason so when two years later he runs into Kace again. Both of their lives change.
“He could take advantage of me at any point in time that he preferred; the fact that he didn’t made me both admire him and hate him both.”
 Shane is an upcoming fighter with a fantastic future but his past has damaged him. Preparing for the fight of his life, he doesn’t have time for a relationship.
It took almost losing her life to finally move on with it and make a choice she has feared for years. Not knowing if she is strong enough to be on her own, Shane helps her through it.
This story is about two people with devastating pasts, finding the strength to be better and stronger, learning from mistakes and moving forward.
“When walking away from something we were once committed to, we often hesitate. Deciding to make a major change in life is difficult. But we all reach a point when we’re done - done giving to a world that only takes. Until then, you’ll want, you’ll wait, and you’ll contemplate change. When you’re truly done, you’ll know. You’ll know when the time comes.”
This story touched me and yes, although there were some disturbing situations, I was able to see the message or at least the message that I interpreted which was, no matter where you come from or the situations you suffered through or witnessed, you can break the cycle! You aren’t a product of your environment. You can be that change. Abuse is no joke and people think “why doesn’t she just leave? She is lame for staying with him for so long.” Although this is just a story the abuse in this story is a very real problem that people live with daily.
Scott Heldreth did a fantastic job. It was heartfelt, kind, disturbing and romantic but what I loved most was that it showed Bravery, Courage and Respect.
It is a fantastic must read!  

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