Friday, January 3, 2014

Kaptivating 4 star review for Lila Felix's Forced Autonomy (Phase 1)

This dystopian novella is definitely an eye opener. I enjoy Lila Felix’s stories and this one was no different. It instantly captured my attention.

Petra is forced to live in horrible conditions, starved and is acting like her peers. Little does the United Nations know that her lobotomy didn’t take, every day she goes through the motions and focuses in surviving.

Lawson sees Petra and instantly knows she is different. It is his job to help citizens like her. He is a bounty hunter after all. When he brings her to his camp, she is fed and is able to bathe.

“I missed human contact. Sometimes, I’d go to sleep with Mildred, just to be near someone.” It sounded downright pitiful coming out of my mouth. I regretted it immediately. I looked to his brown eyes to find reprimand but instead found compassion.

He pulled me closer and kissed kissed the side of my head.

Their friendship quickly blossoms as does their attraction towards each other. When Petra runs into someone from her past, he makes it clear that she and her past need to remain unknown for her protection. 

Together, Petra and Lawson and their group struggle to survive and stay hidden and fight to help those who are like them. 

Lawson will do anything for Petra and to make matters worse, he has no idea who she really is and how much of a target they have both become.

She popped a blueberry in her mouth and sat on an upside down barrel we used for rain collecting. The joy on her face was priceless. I knew without a doubt I’d do just about anything to give her that joy as often as I could. There was just something about her that made me want to be better—she made me regret who I’d been.

Petra is a survivor and though a bit marred, she is beautiful, smart and strong. Lawson is handsome and determined and has this pull towards Petra to protect her.

Lila Felix created a not so far fetched world. The characters are fantastic. I absolutely adore both Petra and Law... Law *sighs* I am already in love with him. He definitely makes a new book boyfriend for this New Year!

A job well done! I can’t wait to see where Petra and Law end up!

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