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My Kaptivating 4 star review and interview with the lovely Samantha Anne, author of Kirby

A Kaptivating 4 Star review

Kismet: A power that is believed to control what happens in the future to believe; Fate

Twenty-seven year old Rachel Sirianni is a New York native with dreams. Her dream is to become an editor for Equinox Publishing. Landing an interview, her dream is about to come true until one morning anything that can go wrong, goes wrong. The position and interview she worked her tail off to get slips through her fingers. She is offered a position at the bottom but hey, at least she has her foot in the door. Problem is, it isn’t going to pay her bills.
With no other choice , she is forced to get a second job and the one she finds is at night, so it works perfect for her and doesn’t interfere with her day job. Until she can get her career in order, she has sworn off men. Rachel struggles to maintain the two lives she has created for herself, her own and her alter ego, Kirby. Kirby brings out the side of Rachel she never knew existed, but then again it is easy to be someone else behind closed doors. Kirby is everything Rachel isn’t, sassy, imaginative, a great listener and a bit of a fireball.
Little did Rachel know that her life was about to change, when she literally runs into Joe.

“Oh, please-Rach, let’s examine the evidence here! You bump into twice, and both times he’s got you weak at the knees. Of ninety-nine other girls he could get when calling, he gets you. My brother sets you up on a blind date and it’s him. You really don’t see it yet?”
Rachel laughed louder. “See what, Cami?”
Camille smiled knowingly. “Kismet.”

Joe is a gorgeous man. He is also a fantastic writer. There is something about him that prevents Rachel from being able to control herself, in a good way, her Kirby persona just can’t seem to stay at bay around him. Confused by the mixed messages she receives from Joe, she isn’t sure what to think. Being new in town and trying to make his dreams come true, he finds himself getting dating advice from a least likely place.

“If he can’t handle being with you at your worst, then he sure as hell doesn’t deserve you at your best.”

Rachel and Joe are destined to be together. They have so much in common and their attraction for each other is electrifying. When all aspects of Rachel’s life come crashing down on her, she realizes that not only will she loose her dream job, but she will also lose the man she loves.

Samantha Anne created a funny and beautiful character with Rachel. Clumsy yet sexy, smart and determined and a bit guarded. When Rachel has the opportunity to let go of her inner sex goddess in Kirby it gives her a confidence she never knew she had.

Joe is a gift from the gods. Not only is he gorgeous but he is a writer, a gentlemen and old school. I loved seeing a softer side to man. It was a nice change of pace to see the man wanting to take things slow to savor each moment.

This was a fun, entertaining and easy read. It was romantic and sweet.  A modern day romantic comedy. The sexual tension was fantastic. Well written story and a must read!

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Interview with author Samantha Anne

KK Reviews: Have you always wanted to be a writer?
SA:Absolutely! I think it would also be a fair assumption to say that I’ve always wanted to be creative overall. I have an overactive imagination that has kept me from watching horror movies for years (smile); it’s also been the reason I was always the storyteller in my group of friends. I used to handwrite novels about friends and I with our favorite celebrities (you call them fan fiction, we used to call them daydreams haha) and we’d get together on weekends and stay up all night reading them aloud. So much fun! 

KK Reviews: How did you come up with the idea for Kirby?
SA: Kirby actually began as a movie, many years ago. I compiled notes and created characters, only to freeze up and put it aside. It sat in a big blue bin for at least a decade. It was when I first came to learn about So You Think You Can Write (an annual Harlequin/Mills & Boon writing contest), I took out of the bin and dusted it off. Thanks to a major deadline, I turned Kirby from notes and characters into a novel in 12 short days. 

  KK Reviews: Anything in the story based on real life?
SA: I can definitely say that there are elements to the story that I directly relate to. What those elements are, I’ll save for my tell-all bio. ;)

      KK Reviews: Who inspired the character Joe?
SA: I was surrounded by photos of Joe Manganiello while writing Kirby – he provided exactly the type of inspiration I needed. I think that the swoony, giggling energy that he roused in me as I wrote the story comes through on paper, and that’s precisely what I wanted. My goal was to make AJ Pavon (aka Hottie McCoffeehouse)the kind of guy that would make the reader fan themselves. I hope I achieved that too!

KK Reviews: Do you have a special place you like to write? Music you like to listen too?

SA: Lately, it’s been the kitchen table. I don’t know why I write my best there, but the words seem to flow easily when I’m perched on a kitchen chair! I listen to all kinds of music, so my writing process always ends up involving searching my Pandora account for a station that inspires me to write. For Kirby, it was 90’s Popular Music and Today’s Country. 90’s pop music just reminded me of the hopefulness in Rachel as she fought her way to where she wanted to be, and Today’s Country contains just enough swagger in the melodies to help me write Hottie McCoffeehouse. 

KK Reviews: Do you have your family or friends read what you write?
SA: Honestly, I get really self-conscious about who I let read my work before it’s finished! But, when I need a fresh eye, I’ll usually turn to my mother or sister (both avid readers and spelling/grammar fanatics!) for help.

 KK Reviews: If Kirby were to be turned into movie, who would you want to play Rachel and Joe?
SA: Back when Kirby was just a pile of papers, I always envisioned Anne Hathaway. She was someone who, at the time, I completely related to. Joe’s character morphed so dramatically from the time I started writing it (his original name was Josh!), but from the new name came the face – I could only ever see Joe Manganiello in the role.

KK Reviews: Any plans for a second book?
SA: Unfortunately not. I had toyed around with the idea of writing some new escapades for Rachel and Joe in the form of a full book, but decided against it. That said, I’ll be releasing a short story about their first weekend together (erotica much? Haha) by the beginning of next year. I haven’t decided where I’ll launch it, but you’ll be among the first to know! 

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  1. I love this book and this author! A true romantic-comedy and destined for the screen. Should be on everyone's Must-Read list

  2. Enjoyed the interview and review, Kristie! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Samantha! Wishing you all the best!

  3. What better inspiration than Joe? Can't wait for that short story! :-)

  4. It was a Great book!!! Can't wait to read more from Samantha!!!