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Cut Too Deep by K.J. Bell..... My 5 Star Review

My 5 Star Review

K.J Bell is BRILLIANT! One of my TOP FAVORITE READS of 2014!!!

Have you ever read a book that just stays with you? This is definitely one of those books. My fear is that my review won’t do this story any justice.

Hadley hated her memories, but most days, they were the only reminder she was still alive

Hadley is a survivor. Not only is survivior but she has somewhat defied the odds of how she ended up. Most girls who go through what she has gone through become, hookers, druggies, or end up in jail or dead/ She has a decent paying job and lives on her own. She is smart and beautiful and she keeps people at a distance. She trusts no one and fears intimacy and men, but that doesn’t keep her from watching Miller from a distance. He makes her feel alive and he intrigues her but she will never, ever speak to him.

While her breathtaking beauty attracted him, the wounded soul that shined in her eyes worried him. She visibly guarded her heart. The thought something awful had happened to her left Miller with an unsettling feeling.

Miller is a good looking playboy. A different woman on his arm practically every night; He is successful, and he is flattered and intrigued by the shy girl who watches him and he wants her.
When he takes a business trip that puts him in danger; Hadley writes him a letter she never intends to send but he gets it anyway. It is through these letters that their friendship and then feelings for each other grow. The thing is, Miller has a secret and this secret can shatter what he and Hadley have built.
Hadley has a difficult time accepting love from others, love that everyone knows she deserves.
Miller’s ghost haunt him and he fears he will fail again.

“That’s not me. How can I offer you light when I’ve spent my entire life in the dark?”
“You’re my stars, my sunset, and my light at the end of the tunnel. Please, let me love you.”

When everything surfaces, Miller sees that he may lose the one person he has been waiting for his entire life. Hadley realizes that nothing was as it seemed and that truth for her is possibly the most traumatic event of her life as she knows it.

Allow yourself to feel. I won’t hurt you, and I would never intentionally cause you pain or suffering. I want to know why you hurt, and I want to take it all away.

I am surprised by Hadley’s character. Most in her position would have thrown in the towel and would have become just another statistic. Not only is she smart and beautiful, she is determined. She has taken responsibility of her life. She has a job, she has even made a few friends and she is in therapy. Although the feelings that Miller seems to bring out in her confuse and scare the hell out of her, she still tries to see it through. She wants normal but she also needs to be in control of her life- she refuses to fall victim again.

Miller’s character was great. He is your typical rich playboy but he also has his share of secrets, secrets that haunt him. When he is faced with someone from his past, he knows he needs to be honest so that things can work for the future.

This story tore me up in all the great ways. You have a damaged person, one who feels undeserving and learns to let others love her. The moral of her story is that cycles can be broken and that your past doesn’t have to define the person you become. You have that power to be better and to make yourself and your future better.

Miller taught that family is family no matter the blood that runs in your veins. He also learned that people can’t be saved, if they aren’t willing to save themselves. The other thing is that honesty, as hard as the truth maybe is the best way to go. Relationships, friendships, these things can’t and won’t survive if you don’t have honesty.

I thought the scenes were sexy for their particular relationship and it was done very tasteful. I thought the way they communicated prior to seeing each other in person was awesome and romantic and a little hot.

K.J. Bell did a fantastic job on such sensitive issues. I adored all of the characters. They each played their roles perfectly. This story has all of the emotions.

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