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Blog Tour and my 5 Star Review for Fragile Bonds by Sloan Johnson......

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"Without trust, we have nothing."
These are the words which have haunted Melanie Erickson for six years. When she walked out of the house Xavier Ross bought as their forever home, she thought she was closing that door permanently, but fate had other plans.
Xavier Ross tried to keep everyone at a distance until Melanie came into his life. The more he tried to fight his feelings for her, the more he fell in love. One rash decision fractured the trust that was essential to their relationship.
Six years later, she is the last person he expects to see walk through his front door. Will Xavier and Mel be able to learn to trust one another again so they can fulfill a dying woman’s wish?

My 5 star Review
Maybe we were never supposed to be forever. Maybe we were supposed to be a stepping stone to greater things in our lives; the perfect career for her and my beautiful son for me.

Melanie and Xavier have a past. Once upon a time they were best of friends and head over heels in love with each other; Looking forward to spending their forever in a home that he bought for them. Then one night, it was over. Leaving them both crushed and ruined for any future relationships.
After that heartbreaking night years ago, Melanie finds herself outside the very house that was supposed to be her future. Her heartbreak left her determined to finish up school and do what she had always wanted to do. Become a nurse and help people. Never in a million years did she imagine that she would be helping her ex and his sick wife. Personal feelings aside, she being the professional she was would see this through and do her job, no matter what. You have to love fate. Seeing the man she once loved brings all her old feelings to the surface but what makes things worse is that she adores his sick wife and their son. Melanie never expected how hard her job would be this time around and she wasn’t sure she would survive the grief, the pain or the loss.

 “I need you to promise me you’ll come back and make sure they’re okay. I want you to take the angel and bring it back with you. Tell my son that the angel is from me, so he will know I’m still here with him.”

Xavier is a no nonsense kind of man, a gorgeous man at that but stubborn and very set in his ways. Never fully recovering from his lost love, he vowed never to love again. It worked for a little bit, but his now sick wife had to suffer the wrath and anger that his ex has inflicted upon him. You know that saying,  You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone? Well for Xavier, those words couldn’t be truer at the moment.  What is makes matters worse is that the once love of his life is now caring for his sick wife. He was never a great boyfriend nor was he the best husband and he definitely wasn’t a hands on dad until recently. He regrets it all and all he feels is guilt. 

“It sucks that she’s gone. But maybe there is a reason that Melanie was the person assigned to take care of her those last months. Do you think anyone else would have stuck around after the job was done, making sure that your rank a$$ didn’t do anything stupid? Would another nurse have followed you to North Carolina or called your son every night to read him bedtime stories?”

I have to say I didn’t like Xavier when I first started reading this. I found him to be cold and arrogant but as I continued to read, he slowly made his way into my heart and the next thing I know, I am rooting for him. 

Xavier was put in a tough place, he was lost. His past and his present have collided. Two women he loves. One of them he has always loved and the other he grew to love. He already lost one and now he is losing the other. Thank god for his son, something he never though he wanted but now can’t imagine his life without. THAT, his son is what keeps his head above the water and then there is Melanie. He is amazed at how professional she is and how great she is at her job. He is in awe of her strength and at how much she has changed since they were last together. 

Melanie can see the changes of the once dominant man who owned her heart. She sees the love he has for his wife and his son. She also sees how helpless and lost he is.

Together Melanie does her best to make sure that his wife enjoys the time she has left comfortably, while Xavier struggles with his regrets while learning to be a better father and husband. In the meantime, his wife does what she can to prepare her family and keep them together... all of them.
I fear I cannot do this review justice because what I feel is so emotional. When one suffers a loss, you can’t help but question the decisions you have made in your life. WHAT IF?? That is all you can think about.... Should have, would have, and could have.  Regrets surface, guilt surfaces and the confusion you feel it is unbearable. Lost, you feel lost and life doesn’t make sense but you somehow find that strength and you keep going no matter how much you want to get lost in the darkness.                                                                                                                                                                
I was really able to connect with this story in more ways than one. First the loss, I have been there, I know what it feels like, the guilt, the regrets, the anger, the sorrow. I BAWLED!! No one can ever understand what it feels like to lose someone you love, unless you have actually had a personal loss. People may be able to sympathize with you but they definitely cannot empathize
I seriously give kudos to Melanie, for her being able to be professional, to be able to set all personal feelings aside. She did her job and she did it well and then some. 

Xavier, although he realized what a jerk he was too little too late, that realization made him a better man, a better brother and a better father. It was a tough and heartbreaking lesson he learned.

Alyssa, she like many I have known, is a tough cookie. She fought tooth and nail not only with Xavier but with her sickness. She faced it head on and lived with no regrets. In a roundabout way, she was already an angel and she was able to help two souls find each other again. 

Fate can have a cruel way of bringing people back into your life but it also has a way of making things right. 

This is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of a love lost, loss and second chances.
Sloan Johnson completely won me over with this story. Don’t get me wrong, I adore he other books but this story is definitely one of my top reads for the year.
Thank you, for a beautiful story.

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Sloan is a Midwestern mom who began writing nearly seven years ago as a way to make money while staying home with her daughter. Now, with two kids in tow and having written more articles on how to assemble various pieces of furniture than she can count, she is reaching to make her dreams come true.
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