Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All the Right Things by Audrey Harte..... My Kaptivating 4 Star Review....

In “Love in All the Wrong Places”, Annie tried her hand at online dating, but it brought her nothing but a broken heart. This girl can't seem to catch a break in the dating world! While wondering what went wrong once again, she met an attractive, funny and sincere hip hop dancer in the parking lot at work. But just as Casey expressed interest in taking her out, he had to leave town to tour the country with an up and coming pop star. Annie was willing to wait for him to return, but then she received an apologetic text from Nate, the last guy she met on Craigslist.

Join Annie on her adventures in “All the Right Things” as she makes some of the biggest decisions of her life. While she thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent with Nate and is still attracted to him, he screwed her and then ditched her at the bar without a word. Will Annie accept Nate’s explanation and his heartfelt apology and give him a second chance or will she kick him to the curb? Or will Casey’s charm and determination to show her how a real man should treat a lady win her over? Or will both of these guys be left in the dust when someone from her past reappears?

My thoughts...
I haven’t had the pleasure of reading book #1 in this series so I was a little nervous reading this book. I didn’t disappoint nor was I confused about what was going on. Annie seemed to have a string of bad luck when it came to relationships. In this book she finally seems to really know what she wants and realizes what she deserves while being in a relationship.

Going after her dreams with her family and friends support, she ends up meeting a dancer named Casey. They hit it off and of course she is reluctant especially because he has to leave town. She decided to take a chance. 

Taking things slow, she makes a promise to herself that she will not rush into things. The chemistry between her and Casey is amazing. He puts her first, he pays attention to her, says all the right things, does all the right things and he respects her boundaries. No pressure.

When people from her past re-appear, this leaves Annie questioning everything and also leaves conflicted and confused and then she has an epiphany and knows exactly what she wants and goes for it.

This was a fun and entertaining read about following your heart, self-discovery and finally realizing your worth.

Audrey Harte wrote a fun and sexy follow up. I look forward to seeing where Annie’s next adventure will take her.

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