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Happy Release Day to Author Kimberly Knight! ANGELS & WHISKEY is HERE!!!


Whiskey, women and sleepless nights…
United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Serving his country was his destiny.
Until he fell in love…
When Gabes love affair is cut short, he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he will never fall in love again.
Until he bumps into an unexpected angel…
By all appearances, Autumn Jones has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard, is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children. But Autumn knows the truth. Richard has a controlling, dark side that leaves nothing to chance, especially Autumn. He’ll stop at nothing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to be.
When Autumn bumps into Gabe, he consumes her every thought, but she can’t act on her feelings. She’s married to a dark man she can never leave.
When he learns who Autumn’s husband really is, Gabe knows he will stop at nothing to protect her. Or is it too late for him to save his angel?



My 4.5 star review for Angels & Whiskey by Kimberly Knight


Gabriel Hastings is living his dream. Serving his country is something that he was destined to do. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he is a United States Army Captain and loving it.  What Gabe wasn’t expecting was to fall in love and the last thing he expected was his relationship to be cut short.

What’s a man to do? Well he turns to whiskey to drown out his sorrow and numb the pain making a promise to himself and his heart that he will never fall in love again.
Three years later Gabe and his best friend Jackson are moving to Vegas for work. That is when Gabe runs into his angel.

On the outside, Autumn Jones has it all. A beautiful house, clothes and her loving husband Richard who is desperately trying to get her pregnant and does all he can to make her become a trophy wife. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. The reality is that Richard is very controlling and knows how to cover his tracks. Richard’s pockets go deep and his reach is everywhere and that leaves Autumn trapped in a very messy marriage.

There is something about Autumn that draws Gabe. He can’t get her off of his mind. Slowly they become friends and although their feelings for each other grow stronger, there is nothing she can do about it, that is until Gabe learns who Autumn’s husband really is.  He vows to do everything he can to save her.

My Thoughts:
The prologue sucked me in immediately and I was immediately crying.
Gabe is Mr. HotMilitaryMan who is smart and witty and did I mention Hot? Dealing with heartache as well as a little PTSD, he turns to the bottle, which in turns ends his military career. He is lost and his best friend Jackson helps get him back on his feet and back to the land of the living with a job offer that Gabe just can’t refuse and ends up taking them to Vegas.

Autumn is a breath of fresh air. She is beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders. Richard swept her off her feet, he became her real life knight in shining armor but soon after their wedding, the honeymoon ended immediately and her sentence began. Richard keeps Autumn on a very tight leash, treating her more like property rather than a human being.

DEVINE INTERVENTION….. Autumn is able to open Gabe’s heart again and Gabe is able to give Autumn the love and strength she needs and deserves but with Autumn being married, they have to remain friends. Everyday their feelings for each other grow. Gabe does all he can to help Autumn gain her freedom, while Autumn helps Gabe move on from his past.

Relationships are never easy and both Gabe and Autumn have to fight like hell for what they want.  For Gabe when his past collides with the present and the truth comes out, he may lose his angel before he even had a chance with her.

Kimberly Knight did a fantastic job in capturing the emotions of this story. From the beginning, Gabe won my heart. I felt the anguish, fear, heartache, excitement, the happiness. With Autumn I felt the fear, the hurt, the doubt and that want.  The chemistry between those two is just EXPLOSIVE!

Be prepared for an emotionally beautiful story about love, loss, betrayal and second chances.
Kimberly Knight lives in the mountains near a lake with her loving husband and spoiled cat, Precious. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite reality TV shows, watching the San Francisco Giants and San Jose Sharks kick butt, crushing candy on Candy Crush, playing computer games like World of Warcraft with Audrey Harte and online poker. Now that she lives near a lake, she plans on working on her tan and doing more outdoor stuff like...watching hot guys ski. However, the bulk of her time is dedicated to writing and reading Romance and Erotic fiction.
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