Friday, December 13, 2013

My 4 star review of Fourth Down by author Kirsten DeMuzio


During the biggest football game of his life, Ford Walsh makes a split second decision that will change his life. For the worse. Three years later, Ford is still stuck in that moment - when his leg was broken and his dreams along with it. Not able to move on, Ford trudges through his life, each day more depressing than the last.

Poppy Mitchell has dreams of being a doctor, and she will work night and day to get there. Sweet, focused, and hard working, Poppy forges ahead when obstacles get in her way. When circumstances bring them together, Ford and Poppy develop an unlikely friendship. As they grow closer, Ford is faced with another fourth down decision. Will he go after his old dreams when given the chance? Will Poppy sacrifice her dreams for his? Or will she let him go?

My Kaptivating 4 Star Review

“I felt like I was stuck here. Right now I’m here because I want to be. I want to be wherever you are.”

Ford Walsh had it all. Star quarterback in college and on the path to a great career in the NFL, that is until he made a decision that changed his life forever.
Not being able to move forward or move on, Ford goes through the motions of life, depressed and showing no emotions. Living back home and working at a bar and that all changes when Poppy walks into his life.

“The question should be why you didn’t know about these things. Your friends are too afraid to burden you with anything upsetting, because you are so wrapped up in your own pitiful world. Is that the kind of person you want to be, Ford?”

Poppy Mitchell wants to be a doctor. She studies hard in school and works day and night to reach her goals. Her recent assignment as an intern brings Ford Walsh into her life. 

“After today, I don’t want you here. I’m calling the agency for a replacement,” he growled, still facing  away from me.

Slowly Ford and Poppy develop a friendship and then develop feelings for each other that neither one of them expected. When Ford is offered an opportunity of a life time, we he walk away from the one thing that brought him back to life or we he go after his dream?

Being with Ford would likely blow my mind and break my heart, because he would eventually leave. He would leave town and he would leave me. But right now I just didn’t care.

I connected with this book and the characters immediately.  Ford is so broken and lost, your heart breaks for him. He is just dead inside, instead of living for himself and doing things that make him happy , he is just there, he helps his mother but he isn’t living.

Poppy is so sweet, smart, strong and determined. She takes things with a grain of salt, sacrificing things for the sake of others. She and Ford have an undeniable attraction towards each other and when things get a little more serious between them she is not sure if she can let her dreams go for the sake of his.

This story is so emotional. It is beautiful with a little bit of humor, romance and heartache. It also makes you realize that we as people can be our own downfall, our own worst enemy. We can also get through just about anything when you have the love and support from those important in your life. It is a story about crushed dreams, finding a new path and overcoming loss and let downs.

Kirsten DeMuzio has a touchdown with this one! A must read! Beautifully written.

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