Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Bitch-Tober" is HERE!!

Check out this Kaptavatingly delusional interview with...... Chrystle from TPG & TGC by J. Sterling!

KK Reviews: Did you have a good child hood growing up?  
Chrystle: My childhood was amazing. I have great parents who gave me everything I ever wanted. Is this going to be one of those psycho analyzing types of interviews? I think you’ll be sorely disappointed.

KK Reviews: When you were at the bar, why did you target Jack? He clearly stated he wasn’t interested but you kept at it. Why?
Chrystle: Seriously? I “targeted” Jack because I knew he would go pro, unlike the rest of the losers on his team. I wanted to be with a major league baseball player, not a minor league one. Not a guy stuck in triple-A for his whole life because he was too stupid or stubborn to give it up and walk away. I wanted the life I knew Jack would eventually provide. I didn’t care that he wasn’t interested. I would make him interested. And I did, as I’m sure you can recall.  
KK Reviews: I roll my eyes saying very sarcastically, “yes, and clearly that worked out great for you.”

KK Reviews: How many times did you try and land a prof. baseball player? Why not go for another sport?
Chrystle: Considering I live in a town that has a professional baseball team with new players coming in and out all the time, why would I ever look anywhere else?  

KK Reviews: Why did you pretend to get pregnant, why not get pregnant for real?
Chrystle: I wished I had gotten pregnant for real- and trust me, I tried. Then I’d still have Jack and it would be ME living the high life in that swanky apartment in New York City instead of her.

KK Reviews: Did you feel any guilt at all for all of the lies you told?
Chrystle: No. Do you feel any guilt for all the stupid questions you’re asking?
KK Reviews: Wow, someone is a bit defensive and like Forrest Gump said .. “Stupid is as stupid does”, so back at ya doll!

KK Reviews: If you could do things all over again, what would you have done differently?
Chrystle: I would have made sure I kept my mouth shut. Telling people certain things only ended up ruining everything.
KK Reviews:  OMG I am sorry, did you just say you’d keep your mouth shut? Is that actually possible for you to do?

KK Reviews: How have you been handling things since the annulment?
Chrystle:Look at me? Clearly you can see that I’ve been handling things just fine.
KK Reviews:  Yes, clear as day..lonely looks great on you.

KK Reviews: Are you still friends with Vanessa? How did you feel when that article came out?
Chyrstle: Vanessa is dead to me. Lying bitch. That whole article was a lie. Nothing she said was true. And payback’s a bitch. That’s all I have to say on that matter.
KK Reviews: It takes one to know one and again... Karma!

KK Reviews: How does your family feel about what you did to Jack and Cassie and even the Doctor?
Chrystle: My family loves and supports me, no matter what. They know Vanessa’s always been jealous of me and is out to get me.
KK Reviews: Keep telling yourself that if helps get you through the day.

KK Reviews: Last question thank goodness. How does it feel to be one of the most hated book bitches out there?
Chrystle: How does it feel? You’re still talking about me aren’t you? I don’t care if it’s good or bad, the point is, you’re still talking about me. Hate all you want. You’re just jealous.

KK Reviews: I would say it was a pleasure talking with you but honestly it was very entertaining so Thank you for that. 


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