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Ripped & Twisted by Jennifer Lassalle Edwards

Ripped & Twisted
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Faith Dumont is a witty, confident, fiery fitness competitor, or so she appears to everyone else. Yet no one knows the horrors that she's endured and escaped to create this seemingly perfect life. No one knows the battle of self-loathing and deviant urges Faith battles daily.

She keeps her demons under control by her regimented, disciplined lifestyle. Faith has also implemented “rules” into her life, specifically a “no dating” rule. This rule was made to protect her heart. Life in the gym keeps her sane, to an extent, however, just because there is no dating does not mean there is not a bit of kink.

Slade is smoking hot physique competitor who works with Faith in the gym. Not only is Slade a co-worker, he is Faith's only friend, and a kin of the kink. He has always willingly followed Faith’s conditions... that is until tattooed trainer Ty enters their lives throwing all that Faith has created into a tailspin. When Slade sees Faith falling for Ty's seduction, he decides to refuse Faith's rules and introduce her to his.

With her normalcy crumbling around her, Faith is slammed by the carnal and emotional enticement of both men. Can they make their triad of passion work or will Faith’s past come back to decimate any spark of hope for love that she ever had?

Warning: This book is fictional and depicts acts of violence, graphic sex, including BDSM, M/F/M menage circumstances, and oodles of kink. This book is recommended for mature audiences (21 and over) who are not offended by scenarios such as these. 

“Mac, do I date?” I shout to Mac across the floor. Mac growls.

Ty yells, “Any idea why she doesn’t, Mac?”

Mac pauses and in his gravelly voice says over his shoulder, “Cuz she’s a smart girl.” 

He proceeds to walk into his office and close the door. I lift my arms and point my fingers toward my head, nod and chuckle as I mouth the words smart girl. This is the fourth day of the same conversations. I have to say that Tyler is nothing if not persistent. It is the slow part of the day between lunch and the time when people begin to filter in after work. We are hanging around the front counter. Ty is smirking and shaking his head. He puts his forearms on the counter and leans toward me. I’m in the same position across the counter. His smile is so incredibly sexy.

“Look, I know your ego is hurt, and this is like, what? A challenge? But, come on,” I say.

“Come on, what? I like you. You’re cute. You’re funny, seem nice.”

“That’s just it, bro. You just said it. She seems nice,” Slade laughs as he walks up behind Ty and smacks him on the shoulder. “Give her time, man, give her time."

My 4 star Review

After escaping from an abusive marriage, Faith Dumont has decided to live her life her way. Drastically changing her looks and her attitude she is ready to start fresh. Unfortunately Faith battles with her self-loathing and unique and kinky sexual tastes. Determined to stay in control of her life, she follows a very strict and healthy regimen as well a one rule. No dating. No dating means no broken heart. Working at the gym is perfect for her.
Slade has become Faith’s best friend. He is one of her only friends. Their friendship is and their arrangement works for them. They both get sexually satisfied with no strings attached. That is until the new employee Ty enters the picture.
Faith is attracted to both men and both men want her just the same. Faiths rules slowly begin to crumble and feelings for all three surface and passion slowly starts to take over.
I was immediately sucked into this story. Faith was not in an ideal marriage and she did her best to survive but unfortunately the damage was already done. How can you believe in love when what you thought was love nearly killed you?
Faith does everything to protect not only her body but her heart. Slade and Ty become her life, her best friends and people she trusts, although, she has a hard time letting them know about her past but when she does, she finally gets that they would never do anything to hurt her. Their relationship is different but it works for them.
Just when she finds her happiness, it is quickly taken away from her.
Faith is a fantastic character. She is beautiful, strong and so vulnerable. She is in love with two different men and doesn’t really know how to handle that.
Slade is the best friend/lover any girl would be lucky to have but he is more than that. He takes control in the gentlest way. His love for Faith is never ending, so much so that he does the kink she believes she needs and deserves.
Ty is a dream, he like Slade, is determined to have a place in Faith’s life. She has quickly wormed her way into his heart without even trying. He is not only gorgeous but knows how to handle Faith’s needs.
I loved the dynamic of their relationship, double the pleasure, double the fun. Please be aware that there are a few scenes with violence and graphic sex but the author wrote it well.
The M/F/M scenes were HOT HOT HOT! The sex scenes in general will have you sweating! *fansselfoff*
This book had my emotions all over the place. I felt the fear, the relief, the angst, the attraction and most of all the happiness and love.
A well written story with some fantastic characters. 

JLE is a Cajun girl from Louisiana who now resides in Colorado with a husband and a furry menagerie. While attending college, JLE majored in Biological Sciences, Civil Engineering, English Literature and Respiratory Therapy/Cardiopulmonary Science. Constantly changing interests, she still does not know what she wants to be when she grows up, mainly because she refuses to ever become a stagnant adult. She believes in living life to the absolute fullest.
In JLE’s pursuit of an abundant life of adventure, she has spent time as a burlesque performer, a roller derby referee, a bartender in the French Quarter, writing for a music site in New Orleans, and currently is an amateur fitness competitor. She has a penchant for all things that sparkle, and on a completely different note, is a self-professed food whore. However, one interest has never faltered through the years, daydreaming and penning those warped thoughts to paper. 

Now, you can also enjoy as she reveals all of those deviant fantasies that play in her head daily.

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