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My 4.5 star review for TUG A Novel by KJ Bell

Tug A novel by KJ Bell

 Aidan Hunter lost the only girl he ever loved to his older brother. To numb his pain, he drinks in excess, parties too hard, and sleeps with countless women. When his family expresses concern, he does what he's been taught to do—fake it and pretend his life is perfect. Pretend he loves his new girl and pretend his heart isn’t broken.

Maria Santiago is simply trying to survive each day until she finishes college. As a single mother, life is a constant struggle. Add running from a dangerous past and working in the oldest profession, and all she has is hope for a better life. Hope one day she will no longer feel shame and hope her past never catches up with her.

After Aidan pays to spend one wild night with Maria, pretending to be unaffected by her is impossible. Their night comes to an explosive end and Maria hopes she never sees him again, but Aidan refuses to give up. As Maria begins to accept that Aidan’s feelings for her are genuine, someone from her past threatens her life. Aidan’s not intimidated and takes a huge risk to protect her.

Will the risk pay off and allow Aidan the opportunity to provide Maria with the better life she’s been hoping for?

My 4.5 star Review

People have to find their way on their own as I did, and as my family allowed me to do. But it hurts so goddamn much.

We all know how unfair life can be what a bitch fate can be. Take Aidan aka Tug. He is struggling to move on from the whole Tori fiasco. You remember Tori, his best friend and also his brother Brady’s fiancĂ©. Yeah, he is dealing or not dealing with that situation the way any other genius would you know good ol’ Jack, Jim and Jose. He is drowning his sorrows away along with his other brain with women whom he can’t remember their names. When his wild ways start to affect his company’s reputation, he does what he knows best.. He fakes it.

The only woman I ever loved is marrying my brother next week. They're having a baby together. A baby I once thought was mine. My heart is irreparably broken, and knowing this chick's name won't fix it.

Enter Maria.. She is beautiful, smart and is struggling to balance being a single mother, finishing up college and taking care of her sick grandfather. She does what she has to do to make ends meet and to make a good life for her and her son. She is also harboring a dangerous past. One she hopes to be able to move on from forever.

A chance meeting at a cigar shop brings these two broken souls together. Let’s just say Tug leaves her a first impression she will never forget. *insertTug’sassholeryhere*

Remember what I said about life or fate? Well fate can have a sick sense of humor but in the end, the path you are put on happens for a reason. Tug and Maria are face to face again, but this time Tug has a plan and that plan involves her and him with no clothes, catching my drift? Well... one wild night with Maria changes everything for the both of them *insertcrazyhotchemistry* Tug wants to show Maria the life she deserves, the love she deserves and Maria never wants to see him again.

This kiss is reassurance, a commitment to try, an emotional kiss with a promise she won't run. Or I'm blinded with desire and it means nothing; either way, there's no going back. As I push inside her, I choose to believe we're two flawed people who found each other at just the right time in our lives.

The thing between Maria and Tug blossoms into so much more than they were expecting. Things are going well for them. They are happier than they have ever been but, go’ol fate loves to challenge people and man does she put on the ultimate challenge for Tug and Maria. Their pasts come back to bite them in the a$$ and their relationship starts to get bumpy. *insertcrazyemotionalrollercoasterridehere*

Just when Tug has found happiness, in the blink of an eye his life is once again turned upside down.

"Wishing you could take it back, and not meaning to do it, are two different things. You meant for it to happened exactly as it did. You just didn't get the results you'd hoped for."

I feel in love with Tug in Irreparably Broken and Irreversible Damage. Although those books were more about Tori and Brady, it is when we met Tug and he had such a profound role in both books. I was so happy to see he finally got his story. His character is fun, sexy, witty, brilliant, cocky with a side of a$$hole. What I love about him the most is how big his heart is and the lengths he will go to for the ones he loves and he is a survivor.

Maria is a great new character. Right now my feelings for her are... hmmm let’s just say, she is a bitch I like to hate. She is street smart, beautiful, loving and kind and she is also a survivor.

Together they make a beautiful couple. Both learning to trust again, to move forward toward the future. Most importantly to learn from the past and let it go. At least that is what they try to do.

K.J Bell has done it again. Her characters are fantastic and hook you in an instant. The emotions you feel while reading the story. WHOLLY HECK! I am serious. I can’t even tell you how many freaking F-bombs I dropped. First your happy, then sad, then pissed, then emotional, then excited, the pissed, then angry, high on love then down right murderous.

I am not going to lie. This ends in a cliffhanger that will literally leave you thinking- WHAT THE FREAK ( F-bomb) You will want to kick some a$$, hunt the author down to demand WHY? Then as it settles and I think about it more, all that comes to mind is What the phuck, phuckity, phucking kind of phuckery just happened?

I highly recommend this read. It is torturous in the most FANTASTIC way. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

A phucking fantastic job done by KJ Bell. I LOVED it!

*Note that Tug can be read as a stand alone. He was introduced in Irreparably Broken and also in Irreversible Damage

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Author of Irreparably Broken, The Locket Series, and Cut too Deep
I’m a mother of three. When I’m not writing, I’m usually carting around my three children to their various activities. Actually, only two have activities, the three year old is forced to tag along. In the summer months, I spend more hours on baseball and soccer fields than I do in my own home.
For some mindboggling reason, I live in Massachusetts. I dislike the snow, the humidity and the bugs. So basically, this is the last place on earth I should live. Fall is beautiful here and almost makes me forget, almost.
I love music and reading and I’m equally addicted to both.
Meeting new people rocks, so friend request me.

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