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Rock the Beat (Book #3 in the Black Falcon Series) by Michelle A. Valentine

Twenty-year-old Holly Pearson never dreamed that while working at her father’s motocross track she’d run into the walking, talking definition of trouble in a sexy, tattooed package—Trip Douglas, the man sent to evaluate the track for a possible investment opportunity. Holly makes no attempt to hide the fact she despises Trip, but she learns to be civil toward him when he offers to help her land the man of her dreams.

Trip needs a break from the crazy rock-and-roll lifestyle he’s been living for the past few years. With his Black Falcon band mates settling down with marriage and babies, Trip peruses an investment opportunity in motocross, something he’s always been passionate about. Hiding his celebrity status, Trip infiltrates the new business posing as a dirt bike rider training for the X-Games. The only obstacle is the owner’s daughter, Holly. She’s a real ball bustin' Ice Queen, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make the deal fall through. Trip soon discovers that winning over his new enemy is the key to gaining a partnership in Mountain Time Speed Track.

Knowing he’s the expert on getting laid, Trip ropes Holly into becoming his ally by helping her score a date with the man she’s crushing on. The problem is, the more time Trip and Holly spend together, the more they uncover the undeniable attraction between them. Soon they both realize that even the best laid plans go to hell when you find you’re falling in love with the enemy.
**Book THREE in the Black Falcon series. Can also be read as a stand-alone novel**


I pull a pair of sunglasses out of my pocket and slip them on my face. “I’m new in town.”
“Is that right?” I don’t care for the snide tone in his voice. No one challenges me even a little bit and gets away with it.
I stiffen my back. “Yeah. That’s right. What of it?”
Jackson raises his eyebrows. “It’s just I know all the riders around here.”
“Like I said, I’m new, and to be honest I don’t care for the fucking third degree you’re trying to give me. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll back off. Now.”
He narrows his eyes at me. “Maybe you don’t get how things work around here, so I’m going to fill you in. I run this place. Nothing goes on around here without my okay.”
I laugh. “That’s funny, because I sure as hell swooped in and stole your girl from under your nose.”
He shakes his head. “You and I both know I can get Holly back anytime I want her. When I get tired of fucking around and I’m ready to settle down, she’ll take me back. Don’t doubt my hold on her. I own her.”
My fingers curl into fists at my side. I know the plan is to make him want her back, but after talking to this motherfucker, I know she deserves better. The urge to protect her rages inside me. “That’s what you fucking think. I’d like to see you try and take her from me.”
Jackson smirks. “Care to place a bet on that?”
Is this asshole for real? He has no idea who in the hell he’s challenging. “I don’t need to gamble on something that I know is a sure thing.”
He steps closer, invading my personal space. “I was with her two years. I could fuck her right in front of you if I wanted.”
“Watch your fucking mouth. I swear if you say one more thing about her—”
“You’ll what?” he dares me. “Hit me? Do you know who I am, pretty-boy? My lawyers will eat you for breakfast.”
His threat doesn’t even faze me and it’s obvious he has no clue who I am, and that I don’t give a fuck about the law. It’s never stopped me from ripping into someone’s ass before, and it’s not going to start now. “Talk about her like that again, and see what happens.”
Jackson’s tongue touches the corner of his mouth as he wears a smug smile. “You don’t know what you’ve fucking started. I’m going to take her away from you now just because I can. Your days are numbered, prick.”
The muscle in my jaw flexes. “Keep telling yourself that, while I’m in her room at night tasting that sweet pussy.”

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Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic and New Adult romance. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos, and sexy musicians inspired her erotic BLACK FALCON series.

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