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5 Star review for The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae

Review for The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae
5 Stars

“You, my love, will be okay. You will fix yourself if you need to. You are so strong, so determined, I have no worry whatsoever that you will survive this. That’s what you are, Isabel. You’re a survivor.”

It is so true when people say “the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree”. In life we are shaped by our parents and events that happen whether we are young or old. Our parents are our first guides of how we want to be or not.
Isabel is not only affected by her parent’s publicized divorce. Witnessing some things that no child should, Isabel has no choice to but live with her grandparents. Although she is well taken care of and never has to want for anything,  she tells herself that she will not become her parents and definitely will not fall in love. It is funny how life never seems to go with your plan.
Enter Jesse Cain, he is handsome, popular and determined to make a name for himself. Isabel never expected a man to enter her life and turn it upside down. She did everything she promised she wouldn’t do, she fell in love.  Sometimes love isn’t what it seems and sometimes love isn’t enough. Jesse is the only thing that Isabel knew. Constantly fighting to stay together, trying to hold on to what they had.

“What if I said I don’t want you to run with her? Find someone else, Jesse, Please,” I pleaded.
“I can’t,” he said resolutely.
You can’t, or you won’t? Is it really that important to you to win this? You have so much going for you as it stands now. If you’re really doing this for us, I am telling you, this is going to kill us.”

As time passes, Isabel struggles to find herself again. When she does, she has also become a successful business woman in the process.  When she has a second chance at an amazing love, can she give him her heart and will he be enough for her to move on from her first love?

“I love you, Isa. But I need to know that I’m the only one you want. We’ll move away, and I’ll fight for you for the rest of my life.”

This story touched me in more ways than one. First off, having to grow up so quickly because of the mistakes your parents made. Having no choice but to become the caretaker of the family at such a young age, it is devastating!  People telling you they love you but keeping you alone and isolated.
Being judged because you look like a younger version of the person you vow to never ever become. It is damaging. 

Falling head over heels in love with someone who loves control and not knowing any better that some of the things happening in the relationship aren’t healthy. He is showing you affection, affection that was pretty much a void in your life growing up. You need to feel wanted and loved, not just told.

Who doesn’t remember their first love, their first time and their first heart break? I know I do. Feeling like I would never find the light in anything ever again. That feeling that your world is over. Believing you will never be happy again. It hurts but then again, it helps to shape the person you have become today.

The other thing is losing the ones you love. No matter the mistakes they have made, you will always love them. Through the great times, the horrible times, the love you have for them will never falter. Again, it truly it a life altering experience and that pain never fully goes away and like the title says, you simple start to see the light in the wounds.

A brilliant, emotional and heart felt debut novel from Christine Brae.

I felt every single emotion and ended up feeling humbled, happy and at peace in the end.

This is definitely an upcoming author to keep your eyes on. A sweet and talented rising star!

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